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    Emmploy is an online platform designed to connect marginalized populations who have been left behind in today's economy with companies willing to provide training and a pathway to sustainable, skilled careers.

  • About Our Company


    Emmploy is a tech-enabled platform that connects hiring companies to candidates from historically underrepresented minority groups at scale, helping to create more diverse workplaces across the United States.



    Through our platform, we empower job seekers and help companies target, connect with, and recruit minority candidates more efficiently and at scale. Our platform delivers a consistently full pipeline of talented candidates to fill entry-level, and experienced hire positions in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, construction trades and healthcare.







    Get matched with exciting companies that want to hire you. Our Match and Map technology seamlessly matches your skills and interests to real-time hiring needs — eliminating the guesswork. . With a dedicated Talent Adviser you get personal support and coaching to help you find a job you love or an apprenticeship that interest you.

    How do apprenticeships work?

    To get your career started you usually need a combination of experience and qualifications. An apprenticeship gives you both by combining on the job training with study (usually one day a week) meaning you can earn while you learn.

    It usually takes between one and four years to complete an apprenticeship depending on which level you take. Apprenticeships are available across a wide range of industries and many high quality, prestigious companies offer them.
    Apprentices earn an average starting salary of $50,000/year while gaining a credential that is equivalent to a 2 or 4 year college degree



    Create Your Profile


    Upload your resume and photo to let the community know who you are. With a complete profile employers can find you. Once you’ve completed your profile, we match you with the most suitable roles available.



    Apply to Jobs

    You can contact employers, ask questions about the role and even get offered a job – all from within our site or mobile app. Set up email alerts and get relevant jobs straight to your inbox. Explore jobs that fit your experience with our advanced search.



    Find the Right Match

    Start interviewing and connecting with companies that value what your unique diversity brings to their workforce.





    For The Employer

    Source and identify qualified candidates.

    Articulate the skills required for success.

    Validated skill definition and matching.

    Develop talent pipelines, career pathways and advancement for a diverse workforce.

    Data to assess aggregate skills and qualifications within the candidate pool.






    EMMPLOY matches outstanding people with the world's most inclusive companies

  • America faces workforce challenges that disproportionately impact communities of color. A majority of states is already experiencing a significant drop in labor force growth. Communities of color face many barriers to participating in the workforce,

    We simply cannot afford to leave unskilled, underutilized communities of color on the sidelines anymore. Developing the human capital of these communities is our opportunity. Emmploy intends to be a community leader in growing a skilled, diverse workforce that will help to ensure stability for our regional economy while connecting low-income people with the tools they need to escape poverty.




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