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The goals and ambitions of young minority men reach far beyond entry-level jobs most often marketed to them...

Our diversity and inclusion strategy is at the heart of everything we do. We are deeply committed to recognising and developing our talent and supporting our clients, candidates and community to do the same. We promote a positive and inclusive work environment where diverse opinions and perspectives are valued

and a true meritocracy exists.


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“I never thought I would have the opportunity to become an electrician. And now with the help of Emmploy, that dream is now a reality. 


—  Marcus, Apprentice Electrician

We now have a platform to improve diversity and inclusion for all employees. It’s not just about creating a level playing field and treating everyone equally; it’s about acknowledging difference and treating everyone fairly. Being treated fairly is fundamental in ensuring that people feel valued.

Having a diverse workforce brings clear business benefits. By recruiting the brightest talent from across the community we are best placed to build relationships with clients and candidates and ensure we maintain an engaged and productive workforce.

Diversity delivers fresh thinking, creativity and innovation to fuel the dynamism that Emmploy is known for...

The Business Case For Diverse Talent

By branching out to a diverse workforce, employers have access to a greater pool of candidates thereby improving the odds of hiring the best person. In a competitive marketplace, an organization that puts people first – regardless of their race, religion, gender, age, sexual preference, or physical disability has an advantage over the other players

Creating Work For All
















Emmploy is an online platform designed to connect marginalized populations who have been left      behind in today's economy with companies willing to provide training and a pathway to sustainable, skilled careers.


We believe if a company is only as good as their employees, then it stands to reason that a great deal of energy should be devoted to hiring the most talented individuals

Emmploy works with over one hundred clients who are committed to creating an inclusive work environment. If you are an employer and interested in working with Emmploy to promote your diversity and inclusion initiatives and attract the best candidates, please email Opportunities@emmploy.com for more information





Diversity isn’t about coming into a room and seeing lots of people that look different – it’s about diversity of thinking, opinions and contributions, which people from different backgrounds bring into the